Friday, 25 June 2010

Abit more 3D!

Decided to change the camera from a LookAt to a FirstPerson camera. I haven't uploaded the source code for the following screenshots yet, I'll do that later. Currently no collision, just the ability to move with D-PAD and aim with the stylus (like Metroid movement). Also double taping the screen makes it jump.

Here the screenshots.

Currently the textures are stretched so its looks a little pixelated ill sort that out later after I do a few more things I want to try first. The green box spins, could be a powerup/point etc.

The windows are transparent though probably hard to see from the pictures. I have been wondering how best to do windows. At the moment in these pictures I have the wall quad with a texture that blanks the centre, then I placed another quad at that position with a lower alpha and glass texture. This method has problems though, but benefits from a lower poly count.

Anyway, more for me to check out, cya!

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