Monday, 30 November 2009

Red Temple 1.3

Well I spent my day working on Red Temple again and managed to finish it (I think). Download is to the right in the downloads section.

Red Temple (1.3) Changes

(1) While changing some of the Red Temple code I decided to add another layer into the game. This layer is a higher priority than the player. This meant I could have poles going above the character, giving more depth to the levels that can be created. The amount of extra data to facilitate this has been a minimum of 2 bytes per level (if its not used at all).

(2) Sprites are now only loaded when on screen and freed when they arn't. This means levels arn't limited, the screen is.

There are more changes but they are mostly code based and not changes in the game. If you notice any  glitches please let me know so I can fix them :) Enjoy!


Nexlib is a library I use in my game Red Temple, I will also be using it in my next game. It's still basic and changes will be done over time, but I decided to upload it as it stands for anyone who wants to see it. One of the first changes I will be doing is changing the palette file. I've decided to make it a class of its own and have both the tile and sprite classes contain one.

Some of the things included are:
  • CSceneManager
  • CSpriteManager
  • CTileManager
  • CTextManager
  • CParticleManager
  • CStateManager
  • vector2.h - vector2 template
  • memory_alloc.h - overrding new and delete to track memory allocation
  • etc...
The library is written in C++ and not C. Download is located to the right in the downloads section. To see how I create scrolling maps like in Red Temple you will have to wait till I release the Red Temple code. This will include a CLevelManager, which decides where and when tiles are placed.

Red Temple Video

After finishing the code on Red Temple Demo and before starting my new project I may try and upload a video or two of the first 2 or 3 levels. That way you'll get to see some game play without having to download it.

And to update on my Red Temple code progress, I'm almost done, should be able to upload within the next few days, maybe earlier.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Found Red Temple 1.0

Found the first version of my game Red Temple hidden on my PC. You can download (found in the download section to the right) if you want to see how it started. Here's the first screen shot I ever took of it. Back then I called it Krexblibos if you hadn't noticed :)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Game States Thought

In Red Temple I had each screen when "getting into the game" as a state, different screens and initialisations when moving about. For Sacred Potion I have decided to group some menus together and have less states and within the state I will have a menu system. This way they will be back to being states and not screens.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Finishing off Red Temple First

I decided to have this blog up and running so when I have something to show I can mention it here. Currently have nothing to show as I've only just started it. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get something posted here!
Although I've started this I'm still currently finishing off one or two things with my other demo I made of Red Temple (older info here, game here).

Here is some pictures of Red Temple:

This is a screen shot of a level. The idea is to collect all cherries. Obstacles such as switches, enemies and puzzles need to be solved in order to collect the cherries.

This is a screen shot of the level selection screen. You unlock more levels by completing the currently open ones. There are also 4 special levels with are indicated with green dots.

The lower screen with also show medals. Bronze for 25% of the points available on the level collected. Silver is 50% and Gold is 100%.

Anyway, as I said just finishing some of the code off for the demo and then I'll start my next project.