Monday, 7 June 2010

Small Info

 Hi, decided to give you a little information.

Level break down:
40 Storymode levels (31 currently made)
5 Timeattacks (2 currently made)
5 Survivals (5 currently made)
24 Tutorials (24 currently made)
1 House (1 currently made)

This gives a total of 75 levels for the game.

Current medals in the game: 76. I not sure whether I'll add more yet.

Also for anyone wondering what the "All Map Fish Totem" star is from last posts screenshot - All levels have 3 hidden items, the map, totem and fish. The level select screen will show you which you have collected for each level. You don't need them to continue, but achieving the medal will reward you.

Anyway, cya :)

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