Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Holidays

Hope you enjoy the holidays, and have a happy new year (not far off!)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Little Busy

Currently a little busy on something at the moment and haven't had time to continue development. I will be again as soon as I have finished. In the mean time I've uploaded Nexlib 1.1. Not a lot has changed at the moment, the sprite manager can now load 4bpp sprites and I've changed the vector2 template quite a bit, it's more organised and the naming of some functions has been changed. Also some new functions such as GetDotProduct, GetMagnitude etc.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Programmer Graphics

I'm currently in the process of creating some awful graphics to use in the current stages of the game. Ofcourse changing these graphics for something better will be easy, a matter of placing the newer images in the build, well as long as there of the correct bpp and dimensions.

I plan on next attempting to add some sort of state system to the player. The player will have numerous actions. Some of the include walk, running, stopping when running, jumping, falling, landing, climbing, swimming, pushing, hanging on, being hit, being stunned, getting up, crouching, rolling a grenade and more.

Things such as reloading, attacking (shooting or swinging something) will be done separately, as you can see the stick man image has no arms yet.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Basic GUI

I decided to make an image to show how I intend the GUI to be.

The expandable equipment and items is shown in the bottom left. From the top left the icons are, "swap last weapon", "expand weapon list", "expand medical list", "expand item list", "expand explosive list", and "interact".

The Top left shows where the character portrait will be, including the players health and ammo. Below the portrait is also the menu button. This will pause the game and bring the menu system to the screen.

Friday, 4 December 2009

4bpp Sprites

I have successfully updated my converter to handle 4bpp sprites as well as updating my CSpriteManager to dealing with them. Onward!


Nothing to update on really. I'm currently recoding my converter to support 4bpp output. Sorry!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sacred Potion Info

Like mentioned before the layout will be similar to Castlevania. It will be a big map split into zones, areas unlock as you unlock the means to pass the obstacles. However unlike Castlevania style games this game will heavly feature the stylus, movement will still be done by the d-pad, but selecting weapons, using items, specials and aiming will be done through pressing them on screen.  I will also add a left-handed mode, allowing x,y,a,b to act as the d-pad.

The game weapons will be more gun/projectile oriented than melee, though there will still be some.

Multiple Frames

Super small update :)
When creating a font the number of frames can be specified. When calling MakeFrame you can specify which frame to use.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Nexlib CTextManager

Texts can now have 2 colours to the background (up from 1) with allows for more pleasing backgrounds. This puts the total colours allowed for a text being created 14.

8: text
4: frame border
2: frame background

The example screen was created with the code:


CTextManager *pTxt = new CTextManager;

int bg = 0;
int frm[4];

pTxt->Init_RegTileMap256(0, BG_TILE_MEM_SUB(bg), BG_MAP_MEM_SUB(bg), BG_PALETTE_SUB, NULL);  

// create the frames
frm[0] = pTxt->MakeFrame(0, 160, SCREEN_WIDTH, SCREEN_HEIGHT, true);

frm[1] = pTxt->MakeFrame(0, 0, SCREEN_WIDTH / 2, 72, true);

frm[2] = pTxt->MakeFrame(SCREEN_WIDTH / 2, 0, SCREEN_WIDTH, 160, true);

frm[3] = pTxt->MakeFrame(0, 75, SCREEN_WIDTH / 2, 160, true);

// print the text using the frames
pTxt->Print("ZONE: Greenlands \n TIME: 03:22:11 \n ", 0, 0, frm[0], true);

pTxt->Print("Menu: \n   Items\n   Key Items \n   Equip \n * Map \n   Magic \n   Options", 0, 0, frm[1], true);

pTxt->Print("Name: \t Fenxic\n Class:\t Mage \n\n HP:\t\t 100 \n MP:\t\t 44 \n\n STR: \t 33 \n MAG: \t 100", 0, 0, frm[2], true);

pTxt->Print("Frame 3", 0, 0, frm[3], true);


Sorry about the formatting, looks better in a proper editor :)

The reason the co-ords are 0, 0 in all the prints is because when using a frame the text position is relative to it. All texts are being printed at the beginning of each frame. In the newer version of Nexlib (not for download yet) you can also specify whether or not you want the text to be absolute or relative (just in case!).

Red Temple Videos Posted

I decided to record the first 4 levels and a clip of the boss battle. I uploaded the videos to Youtube. Check them out here

Hope you enjoy being able to see the game without having to download it :)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Nexlib Classes

As I've started coding Sacred Potion I have already started adding to my Nexlib, currently I have changed the palette files. It's now a class of its own and both the tile manager and sprite manager contain it. I've also started changing the sprite manager to support the 16x16 palette setup. Red Temple only used 1x256 palettes.

It Begins!

Well Red Temple Demo is out of the way I'm going to start on something new. I'm currently creating some map editor features. I'm thinking of a way to allow easy adding/removing of objects onto the zones. I'm also thinking of how to implement the map data. The game will be a side-scroller similar to a Castlevania style game. This means I need a semi-continuous map. It's semi and not fully because Castlevania games are split into zones, normally changed moving through the thick doors unlike say Metroid for the GB, which was one big map.

Anyway, just updating!

Red Temple 1.3 - Source

I have uploaded the source code to Red Temple (1.3). The download is located to the right in the downloads section.