Monday, 12 July 2010

More3D and Red Temple 1.5

I have been doing some more 3D. Mostly things that haven't changed the appearance. I will be designing the entity class and thinking of a way to store the model/texture data. Here's the latest screen shot.

I have also decided to add a few more things to Red Temple. So I will make a 1.5. One of those changes is the menu graphics. I will also be adding equipment. Equipment will allow a player to increase their stats and gain additional effects to help them. Another small change to note is I will be removing speed as a player attribute (all players will move the same), however the white powder will still increase movement speed. The new attribute will be damage. I will allow the players damage to be increased. There are more changes, but I wont list everything now. Here's some screen shots of the menus, old and new.

Nothing is final yet, just testing things out.

Anyway Cya!

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