Sunday, 31 January 2010

Adsense and Advertisement

Does anyone know of a good advertisement setup that I could use on this site allowing profit through page impressions. From all the people to look at my blog no one clicks advertisement (I'm not telling you to do so), I'm just saying.

Anyway if you know of something please let me know :)


Medal System for my NDS Homebrew Game: Red Temple

I've just finished the medal/achievement system. I can now add medals into the game. I have also added the medal screen to view what you have completed and what is available.

NOTE: not all medals show on this screen straight away, medals can be unlocked by different means. The simplest way to unlock medals is to complete other medals. This method normally unlocks a medal harder than the previous. For example once completing a medal to spend 100 coins a medal to spend 200 coins will unlock, completing this medal may unlock one to spend 1000 coins.

Here's some screenshots, I know the medals are the silly ones people think aren't achievements but I was testing the system, I will add plenty later on.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Game Development Continues!

And I move on to the shop! Here's some screenshots of the shop. Of course I haven't shown everything that can be bought.

I noticed how the red text looks kinda bad in the screenshots, but it actually looks better on screen.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Before moving onto the shop I redesigned some older screens and added a few quick to build ones. My menus are getting closer and closer to completion. Currently left to complete are the inventory, medal and shop screens. Once they have been completed I will move onto making my changes to the actual game.

Anyway, here's the screenshots!

Hopefully soon I can finish these and move onto the gameplay!
Cya Later!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Inventory & Text Wrapping

I fixed the text wrapping and it will now correctly display. I've been thinking about adding or at least seeing what fully-justified text would look like. Anyway here is a screenshot of it working properly.

I have also started with the inventory screen. In 1.4 Red Temple there will be a store to purchase items, unlocking modes and improving play during the game.

Once I've finished with the coding of the inventory I will probably move onto the shop.

Cya later!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

2 More Screenshots

Just finished with the tutorial menu, here's two screenshots

I have also added a titlebox to the previous screens and made some slight adjustments.

There is one little bug i've noticed with my textmanager, currently it doesn't seem to be word wrapping correctly. As you can see in the second screenshot there is a space at the start, I will get around to fixing that soon.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Still Here!

Unfortunately overtime I grew a bit bored of the newer game I was making Sacred Potion. Dunno why, just kinda lost interest in it. BUT I've decided to work more on my Red Temple. At the moment it's more of a demo than a game, so I've decided to change that.

At the moment I'm kinda just writing down what I plan on doing, as well as designing some of the screens.

Heres some of the screenshots.