Monday, 19 July 2010

Red Temple 1.5 (NDS Homebrew)

I'm still making some changes for the GUI for now on Red Temple 1.5. Here some sreenshots:

The medal screen (as well as some others such as the tutorial screen) show a bar indicating the overall completion. As you can see 2 medals of 88 have been completed, as it progresses the green bar will fill. The medal screen also now has a progress bar showing the progress of individual medals displayed under its description.

Other screens will look different with the new GUI.

Red Temple 1.5 will also be able to have three save files. The new game buttons will become the saves as they are used. They can be deleted from the loading screen if you want to start over on a file.

At the moment I'm still on the medal screen stuff. After the layout I'm actually going to redesign the event system so medals only listen to the events they care about, this will reduce checking made each time an event is fired.

Anyway Cya!

Monday, 12 July 2010

More3D and Red Temple 1.5

I have been doing some more 3D. Mostly things that haven't changed the appearance. I will be designing the entity class and thinking of a way to store the model/texture data. Here's the latest screen shot.

I have also decided to add a few more things to Red Temple. So I will make a 1.5. One of those changes is the menu graphics. I will also be adding equipment. Equipment will allow a player to increase their stats and gain additional effects to help them. Another small change to note is I will be removing speed as a player attribute (all players will move the same), however the white powder will still increase movement speed. The new attribute will be damage. I will allow the players damage to be increased. There are more changes, but I wont list everything now. Here's some screen shots of the menus, old and new.

Nothing is final yet, just testing things out.

Anyway Cya!