Friday, 16 September 2011


As I changed some of the settings on the blog the post order has changed and I'm currently unsure how to re-order them. So I will just note here the post September 16th, Red Temple Changes [Red Temple 1.5a], was originally an older post. If you already have 1.5a, you don't need to update again.

Sorry for the confusion I will fix it if I can.

Oh, I figured it out. It's back in order :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Homebrew Bounty

Somewhat of an overdue post, but here we go! I entered the Homebrew Bounty at GBA Temp. In the DS Category (which I entered) I managed to come 6th place with my game RedTemple. Anyway, check this link for information on the competition :)

1. Space Impakto DS (DS Entry) (60 points)
2. Arsenal (DS Entry) (57 points)
3. Fireworlds - A DS platformer/puzzle game. (DS Entry) (51 points)
4. Mind Maze (W.I.P) (DS Entry) (32 points)
5. Chronoclon (WIP) (DS entry) (30 points)
6. RedTemple (DS Entry) (25 points)
7. EarthShakerDS (DS Entry) (18 points)
8. NCIS "Around The World" (DS Entry) (13 points)
9. MIDIControl DS v2 (DS Entry) (13 points)
10. devkitARM (DS Entry -- Development) (11 points)
11. Super Smash Bros Crash! DS Demo 9 Version (WIP) (DS Entry) (9 points)
12. Boondoggle (DS Entry) (8 points)
13. Back From Ashes WIP (DS Entry) (8 points)
14. Mr.Robot and his robot factory (DS Entry) (8 points)
15. Robot Unicorn Attack DS (DS Entry) (7 points)
16. DS App Studio (DS Entry -- PC Software) (6 points)
17. DSLiero (DS Entry) (3 points)
18. MCinfoDS (DS entry) (3 points)
19. Bible for NDS (3 points)
20. TanksDS (WIP) (DS Entry) (3 points)
21. Gaia DS (WIP) (DS Entry) (3 points)
22. homebrew nyan (DS Entry) (2 points)
23. Cherophobe (DS Entry), First Person Shooter (1 points)
24. ChatMe (DS Entry) (1 points)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Red Temple Level 4 Video

Here's a small video of Red Temple level 4. It was completed using the full Blue Set from the shop.
I uploaded it to Youtube here:

Anyway, stuff to do, cya :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Just some demo

Creature Tamer
This isn't a game I intend to continue with, I was just messing around and thought I'd upload it anyway :p It's not full working, but you can select attacks and see their health lower!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Red Temple Changes

Red Temple 1.5a
It was reported to me a bug with the Flame Boots, after some testing I realised there was some buggy code with the attribute "Mana Drain". I've now actually changed how mana drain works, instead of being percentage based it will drain a specific amount. I did this to balance its effectiveness against lesser mana pools and weaken it against larger ones.

Some other changes include:
  • I smoothed out the fading, sometimes an image got stuck on the screen
  • I changed recipes to 99 max stackable
  • The DoT effects from "Bleeds/ElectrBurn/Poison" etc have been changed. I increased their damage slightly but they wont always apply each hit.
  • You will now start with 2 recipes
  • Increased the max stackable of the sets: Blue/Leaf/Light/Red/Yellow/Glass
  • Added more default items to the assignable items
  • The first 8 recipes start revealed in the recipebook (up from 4)
  • Added 15 seconds to the 'Water Park' TimeAttack level (making it 1m15s)
  • LifeLeech limited to draining once per second
  • Starting weapon 'ElectroSword' has had its damage changed from -3 to -1
  • Lowered the shop price of 'Apple' to 1000 (from 1500)
  • Lowered the shop price of 'Orange' to 2250 (from 3000)
  • Increased the shop price of 'Bannana' to 6000 (from 5500)
  • Increased the shop price of 'Pear' to 9000 (from 8000)
  • Increased the effect of a 'Bannana' from 25 to 30
  • Increased the effect of a 'Pear' from 40 to 50
  • Increased Max Stackable of 'Adrenline' from 25 to 30
  • Increased Max Stackable of 'PhoenixGem' from 3 to 4
  • Increased Max Stackable of 'PhoenixClaw' from 1 to 2
  • Changed the main menu music so its random between 2 tracks

Unfortunately you will run into problems if you use your old save data. So you will have to delete the '.dat' (RedTemple.dat) from your cart before using the new version. Sorry! :(

If you dont delete the file it might appear to run fine, but will eventually crash. You need to delete the '.dat' file
not just delete the file. You need it to create a whole new save. As said, sorry :(

Just mentioning twice so noone misses it!

I really should implement a way of updating the game and keep older savefiles!

Red Temple 1.5a: Download

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Red Temple 1.5

Ok, I hope I got this right!

Red Temple 1.5 is now available for download (in the right sidebar).

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Red Temple 1.5 Soon

Well I'm getting closer to finishing 1.5. Not just quite ready to post the game download, but its getting close, I'll post here again when its ready, here some information on it.

Check for more information: RedTemple

Whats new?
  • Game rewritten using the 3D engine, which gives much cleaner menus, variable width text and allows for more sprites/special effects
  • Ability to save and play replays of your games
  • Ability to adjust sound/music levels
  • Ability to change background colours
  • Smooth movement (the movement stuttered in an earlier version)
  • Enemies given onscreen health/mana/misc bars
  • Added special effects
  • Now almost 400 items
  • Equipment and charms to increase your stats
  • Ability to enchant equipment to create even better items
  • 56 Attributes, from simple things like HP, AR to abilities like 'Rebirth' and 'Bomb Expert'
  • Multiple types of weapons such as Mines, bombs, swords, guns etc.
  • More enemies added from mine/bomb layers to tough creatures you need to summon yourself
  • Enemies given spells
  • Elements added into game, fire/ice/electric/poison and normal damage
  • Lots of recipes added
  • More medals added
  • New playable char 'Dip' added (starts locked)
  • Perks, allowing you to further personalise your character