Monday, 30 November 2009

Red Temple 1.3

Well I spent my day working on Red Temple again and managed to finish it (I think). Download is to the right in the downloads section.

Red Temple (1.3) Changes

(1) While changing some of the Red Temple code I decided to add another layer into the game. This layer is a higher priority than the player. This meant I could have poles going above the character, giving more depth to the levels that can be created. The amount of extra data to facilitate this has been a minimum of 2 bytes per level (if its not used at all).

(2) Sprites are now only loaded when on screen and freed when they arn't. This means levels arn't limited, the screen is.

There are more changes but they are mostly code based and not changes in the game. If you notice any  glitches please let me know so I can fix them :) Enjoy!

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