Monday, 30 November 2009


Nexlib is a library I use in my game Red Temple, I will also be using it in my next game. It's still basic and changes will be done over time, but I decided to upload it as it stands for anyone who wants to see it. One of the first changes I will be doing is changing the palette file. I've decided to make it a class of its own and have both the tile and sprite classes contain one.

Some of the things included are:
  • CSceneManager
  • CSpriteManager
  • CTileManager
  • CTextManager
  • CParticleManager
  • CStateManager
  • vector2.h - vector2 template
  • memory_alloc.h - overrding new and delete to track memory allocation
  • etc...
The library is written in C++ and not C. Download is located to the right in the downloads section. To see how I create scrolling maps like in Red Temple you will have to wait till I release the Red Temple code. This will include a CLevelManager, which decides where and when tiles are placed.

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