Monday, 15 November 2010

Red Temple 1.5 (NDS Homebrew) Progress

Here's a few more screenshots from Red Temple 1.5.

The first two screenshots show a new screen allowing you to see all the active attributes given from your current equipment.

There are currently 44 different types of equipment attributes. All of which can be viewed with a new menu 'Attribute List'.

The next screenshot is showing the newly added health bars. They show for all living entities. As you can see here the player and enemies both have bars. You may also notice the destructible doors at the bottom right also have health bar (destructible doors are new to 1.5).

I have also been adding new items and equipment every so often. I have currently implemented 208 items/equipment. Still quite a few things to finish before 1.5 will be released, but hopefully one day! I have made more progress than listed, but I don't want to mention everything!


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